What is it exactly that WeSend Coffee does?

WeSend Coffee is a coffee subscription service where you can get your monthly coffee requirements delivered to your door each and every month. Our customers enjoy their choice of up to 8 different blends each and every day. The Baristas’ Club blends are exclusive to WeSend Coffee. Our customers tell us that the quality of our product exceeds that of any other subscription based coffee service based here in Australia.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

WeSend Coffee offers a single / one off order service. Simply browse through coffee beans page and click “Buy Now” on the blend you would like to buy and we will dispatch your freshly roasted coffee beans.

Does WeSend Coffee offer samples for anyone to try?

We certainly do offer samples. Instead of sending out 1 small sample, we send out Sample Packs (approximately 1kg of coffee) which enable you to get a sample of 4 different coffees to try. Once you have tried them you are then able to sign up for a subscription to get the coffee(s) you like delivered each and every month. To see our sample packs click here.

When does my coffee get sent out?

We will deliver based on the anniversary date you signed up on. For example if you order on the 5th then your order will be dispatched each month on the 5th or the next business day if it falls on a weekend. We will deliver the amount of fresh coffee you desire up to 4 times in a month.

How fresh is the coffee you send out?

As fresh as the coffee can be. We ensure that the coffee sent out has just been freshly roasted as close as possible prior to the order being shipped out.

If I sign up for a 6 month period or annual subscription, do I pay monthly or for the subscription term?

You pay for the entire subscription term. As a way of thanking you for your commitment we will give you a generous discount.

When do I get charged for my subscription?

You will get charged for the entire duration of the subscription period of which you sign up for at the time of sign up. For example if you sign up for a monthly subscription you will get charged while going through the sign up process and then approximately 28 days later you will be charged for the next month. Once the payment for the next subscription period is received your coffee will be sent out.

Can I cancel my subscription before the period ends if I sign up for longer than 1 month?

You can cancel when you like. We will however continue to send you the coffee you subscribed to until the subscription period ends. Alternatively if you would like for someone else to get the coffee for the remainder of the subscription you can send us an email advising us of the new recipient.

If I order a coffee subscription as a gift can I have a message sent with the gift?

Most certainly. There is a notes/comments section that you can complete during the sign up process. This is where you can add your message.

Can I change any of my subscription options?

Yes. Simply login to the “My Account” area on our website and then click on “Contact Customer Support” on the right hand side menu that appears. Once you have submitted the list of the option changes we will receive a notification and have it applied as soon as possible for you. If you make the change the day before the subscription is due to go out we cannot guarantee the update will be applied in time. We recommend that any changes you would like made are submitted to us 7 business days prior to the next shipping date.

I am about to move. Can I update my address?

Yes. Simply Login to the “My Account” area on our website and click on the link “Contact Customer Support“. Once you have let us know of the updated detaisl we will ensure that the next order gets sent out to the updated address.

I am worried about spam. Can I give you an incorrect email address?

No. We send all our correspondence to the nominated email address including invoices, receipts and other important shipping notices. If we cannot contact you we cannot guarantee you are going to get what you ordered. Since you are worried about Spam we promise we will not sell or provide your email address to others nor will we send you hundred’s of unwanted emails.

I have a problem with my order. What can I do?

Please get in contact with us as soon as possible. We will need Your Name and Subscription Key when you contact us so that we can quickly identify your account.